Clarens Hotel is an epitome of opulence and contemporary aesthetics. Whether it’s the furniture in rooms with muted tones and an underlying theme or the restaurants and bars, our taste is rooted in everything earthy; polished wood and Italian marble being the connecting link throughout the space.

We believe it’s the little things that matter. Whether it’s the fresh flowers that accentuate our lobby, a variety of cuisines on offer or the little touches in every room that make it exclusive and special, attention to detail is our holy grail. Every guest who stays with us can not only sense it but also, appreciates it, giving us the motivation to constantly push our boundaries and create new levels of hospitality and comfort.

Centrally located and in close proximity to the best the city has to offer, Clarens Hotel is a perfect blend of old-world sophistication with contemporary aesthetics. With relaxed and minimal decor, we’ve focussed on ensuring that the rooms have enough white, breathable space and a lot of natural light; the idea behind it is to make the living space expansive and cozy. Threading through all our standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites, this design aesthetic is what makes us unique and extraordinary.